<b>WRAP</b> take care of your <u>whistleblowing report</u>
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WRAP take care of your whistleblowing report

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▶ In compliance with whistleblowing directive

▶ Enables your organization certification in compliance with different iso standards

▶ Protect whistleblower identity and secure from breaches

▶ Enables regular communication with investigators and at the same time anonymity for whistleblowers

▶ Gives whistleblower feedback information at any time and makes investigation more efficient

▶ Compliant with ISO 37002:2021

▶ Compliant with GDPR requirements

▶ Compliant with ISO standard 27001

▶ Applicable to all foreign national legislation, restrictions or time frames and wishes to customer

▶ Enables efficient investigative process of whistleblowing information or irregularities

▶ Reports for Management provide insights on where to focus in whistleblowing

▶ Makes investigative process easier, recorded and digitalized

What are the EU Whistleblowing Directive requirements?
How does WRAP platform meet them?

EU Whistleblowing Directive requirements

WRAP Platform

Set up a secure reporting channel which enables anonymous reports. Whistleblowers can create reports through the WRAP platform or your own website.
Designate trusteed person and deputy, or an impartial person (assignee) who can receive and investigate reports. They'll receive access according to your organisational structure and type of report. We'll provide training and consullting services.
Protect whistleblowers against retaliation. Whistleblowers can communicate anonymously through chat-channel which ultimately is the best way to protect them from retaliation
Respond to the report and investigate it within the statutory time limit. We automatically keep track of all deadlines, send you prompt smart notifications, and simplify all matters relating to the report.

All deadlines can be adjusted to the organization's requirements (set up start date, end date, alarm date - for conducting an internal investigation or submitting a report).

Maintain a secure archive system for individual reports from all sources. WRAP administration area serves as an encrypted database of reports from all your communication channels. You can add comments, upload attachments, and save notes.
Enable written and oral reporting. For oral reports, you can upload a recording or a transcript. With using WRAP platform whistleblower can not only send text reports but also record anonymised voice messages adding voice distorsions by own choice covering true identity
Ensure confidential communication between whistleblower and assignee. Only designated assignees will have access to reports.

Neither WRAP nor any third party have access to them.

Make the reporting channel accessible not only to your employees but also to other groups (contractors, job applicants...). You can make WRAP platform available to anyone you wish, internal and external users.

This can be through a password, double authentification conected to your phone or e-mail a direct link, QR code or your website.

This type of registration guarantees complete anonymity and 100% protection of your identity.

Ensure that the sender of the report receives confirmation of receipt. The whistleblower can see the status of their report by entering a unique code on the website.

They can also receive a notification that their report has successfully reached the system.

Inform the whistleblower of the steps taken to investigate their report. Through WRAP you can keep the whistleblower informed of everything they need to know.

Their identity is protected during all communications, for as long as they wish it to be.

Ensure a fair evaluation of the legitimacy of their report. WRAP offers the combination of maintaining the whistleblower's anonymity and the option of a follow up conversation.

You can all the time during process ask for further information and evaluate the legitimacy of the report.

WRAP has features allows you to assign a level of credibility to an individual report yourself during the research process

Post the authorised person's details online and provide remote access to reports. We'll automatically create a profile for your organisation so all the important information is available online.

You can easily set up remote access yourself, as well as for the reporting channel.

Create an internal documents on the protection of whistleblowers and related legal documents In the WRAP administration area there are free legal document templates for you to use or you can use our consullting services
Allow whistleblowers to file a report with a regulatory body or to make it public. We'll set up your system in such a way that makes it not only easier, but also safer for whistleblowers to report directly to you.
Reporting channel and our support service available 24/7. You can relay on WRAP platform and our experts. We have been running for more than 20 years on various solutions in the field of business solutions.
Train the designated person in their responsibilities and record this training. WRAP and our partners provide completely system implementation, training and consulting.
Process tha data in compliance with GDPR. We process personal data in full compliance with GDPR regulations and ISO 27001 standard.